Practicing in the Spelling Test

Every student likes the opportunity to test themselves and the practice spelling test on is an excellent place to start. This gives each student the momentum to know how well they are doing and reward for good spelling. It also gives them a chance to know what areas they have to study up on. The spelling areas are divided up into grade levels and the subjects cover a wide variety of interesting topics. Each word is used in a sentence and helps to understand the definition of the assigned word.


A word is pronounced, then used in a sentence and the student can type the answer in. The information can be easily repeated when they run their cursor over the sentence or ‘say it’ for the word. Once you type in your answer, you move to the next space and a new word is assigned. Since so many words in the English language sound the same, the friendly audio use of the word in the sentence makes it clear which word is needed.


At the end of the practice, you can select the ‘Check Me’ area and if you spelled something incorrectly it will show the correct spelling and allow you to see your mistake while offering a corresponding audio for each letter and repeating the sentence.


In case you have any difficulties or don’t understand, there is a very easy ‘Getting Started’ video for the spelling test. This is a short and easy video to view and can help a student overcome any hesitancy.